Sunday, May 15, 2011

night vision

come and lie down next to me

your eyelids seem like curtains of iron, heavy and weary

rest your head against my bosom and wrap your spindly legs around me

the promised land, the blissful heaven they are all right here

beneath a patch of scented fur

look at me and think of venus

consume me like i'm your maenads

controlled, rapture, manic, calm

disrobe them and bring them along

a night of feasts, an orgy of the hungry beasts

see how the curtains of weariness lifts

and gives a glimpse of the rising one

all this, at first, may seem twisted and distorted

but to think of it, who in their right mind is sorted

come, devour as you choose

spend me and be spent

know me as you know yourself

no veils of shame, no disguise of decency needed here

embrace your desires

dip deep into my back with your nails

and enslave my ecstasy