Monday, April 11, 2011


I'm trying to put the pieces together
It takes forever

The edges
are sharp, of the memories I try to gather and keep
I gently hold them in my hands but they still manage to cut deep

There are fragments of the past and present everywhere
My mirror to look into the future is lost, reflecting only despair

I hear the sound of something delicate being trampled upon by careless feet
I go down on my knees to see what it is

I see an empty being without hands and legs
Just with wide lost eyes it looks at me and begs

Should I pick it up or should I let it be
Should I walk away or should I cradle it in my arms

I stand still, filled with confusion
And a pain arises suddenly out of nowhere

Runaway from it or else run towards your ruin
Go as far away as you can and don't look back

I walk a few steps away but can't help it and turn around
I see a broken shadow, in fractures and fissures getting drowned

I give up, I fall in a heap, realising there is no getting away
I am forever bound

With a silent sigh and a wordless prayer
I walk towards it

Knowing that I'm trying to put the pieces together
Even if it takes forever