Monday, August 22, 2011

Buried at sea

You and I,
Travelers on the same boat,
Left stranded, rudderless,
Hope drifted, afloat.
The shore seems a distant dream, Mirage like,
Playing, pawing in reality,
Though a false respite it may seem.
The sun burns over our heads,
The salty winds burn our wounds,
The hunger...the thirst,
The darkness, before our eyes,
In broad daylight.
No, we know,
No one is coming to rescue us,
No man or divine intervention,
A watery burial awaits in attention.
The sea, like a wanting lover,
Flows, overflows,
Eager to meet with the land,
Just as disappointed as us,
For a lost horizon.
We know,
Now is the moment to let go,
To forget the dreams and joys of reaching a destination,
It was meant to be,
Our destination was the journey.