Tuesday, November 12, 2013

how lovers nourish!

i want to 
every single weave 
of that kameez 
with my teeth

unweave it
in the exact opposite manner 
by which it was woven
imagine the movement of my mouth 
over your breasts and back
and shoulders and collar bones
and the hollow of your neck and your nape

i want to render you bare
bare except
that black thread around your neck

and the little bow
those little bows
adorning your delicate neck
like a necklace of orchids
forming a semicircle
opening up a path
leading to summer land
and i want to eat those little bows 
you are wearing
lick them

lick them so hard that i 
imprint their pattern 
on my tongue

and then 
lick you all over
give you little bows all over your body

you are a mad man
she says

but i really need to
i want to dress you 
in those little bows with my tongue
with that black thread
just that black thread 
as the only place
your blush 
can hide
and then 
i want to become 
that thread
that black thread 
around your neck

which grazes over your breasts and nipples
which sleeps well
and makes me fitful 
midst your warm supple comforting breasts
wrapped tight in its favourite blanket

and i hope 
i hope
that someday
i can be your

she says with her finger on my lips
let's spend every waking moment in our home
yellow lights
mellow lights
no other sound
the lyrics of our moans and our
quicksilver breathing and the 
rhythm of our bodies
let me explore every part of 
let me sink in your blackness
revel in your whiteness
swim in the seas of grey
feed you gold with my mouth
we will walk our own streets of love
we will
when you say it
the way you describe it

i want to get inside 
that beautiful mind 
of yours
i want to stand 
and watch 
as you form these images in your head 
summon these patterns
and how you choose these words

i want to stand 
and watch in awe
my brilliant bright glowing love...

i want to spend forever, wasting my time with you
is this insane? 
what is happening?
or does magic exist?
she asks

i, have secretly 
started wishing 
and praying for forever
i am with you
it is like there is a sea inside me
and i float away
along with you
within myself
so deep inside
it is endless
we could go on floating 
drifting forever

not weak
they both speak

put your tongue out 
for me
i need to suckle 
on your tongue
i feel spent
and that seems like the only way
i can nourish myself

she says
but, after you've had your full
you'll have to nourish
me too