Tuesday, November 27, 2012

the shadow whisperer

i detest the light
and the dark
and their silent
teasing illicit 
the shadow

which gets so close to you
that it can lay its bare hands on you
choose to show some of you
and hide the rest of you

like a white devil
it stands behind you
looking over your shoulder
looking at me

i am on her
it says
i do with her
as i please

the inside of her thighs
and the underside of her breasts 
i kiss

she lies in with me
irrespective of which side
her face or hips
i am there

as i please 
i do

look at me
it says
look into my hollow eyes
and tell me you don't
really wish it was

i detest 
i detest 
from the bottom of my 
emotion infested gut

turned inside out
upside down
i know i should look away
but look on
i must