Monday, October 31, 2011

Round n Round n Round We Go

They call it a life circle.

Does that mean every time you take a step forward, you actually end up being that much closer to your past? In that sense, isn't past the only thing that will last?

If we are going around in circles, won't the point of origin and end together come? what then, are we getting to and what are we getting away from?

If what goes around, comes around, doesn't it then make more sense to stand your ground, than going on? And wtf then is moving on?

If we are going to finish from where we started, does that mean you're going to bump into all those from whom you have parted?

They call it a life circle for a reason, i know. The reason just passed me by though.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Acid Burn

those days filled with staring at the sun
are blinded now
these are blind spots
swimming in an abyss
closed eyes show you what they miss
monochrome images seared at the back of your head
colours flowed away as their veins bled
those days filled with staring at the sun
leave marks today like an acid burn
like an unforgiving acid burn

Monday, October 24, 2011

The Late Night Duet

After the dance that the fingers danced/

Starting from the hollow of her neck/

To the small of her back/

The lights went dim/

The flame of the candles traded their shyness in/

For bold scented flickerings/

The purple theme turned into a scarlet hue /

Then the fingers met/

And danced the dance that was a duet/

All is good - Give or take a little (Original + Altered Version)

Thursday, October 13, 2011

the why has a reason

you know why it needs to thunder the night away,
for one cloud to find an excuse to offer another, a kiss filled bouquet.

you know why there isn't anything anserine about a swan's lovestory,
to keep the faith that not all things are momentary.

you know it's for that dreamy fragrance,
that the incense needs to burn.

a completeness within, lights up,
that one moment when it all comes together,
when you know the why and the reason.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What its like

Like broken rippled reflection in water/

Like a mirage/

A dream you can’t clearly remember/

Like voices places scents you can’t forget/

Like a song sung in trance/

Like a life lived in a glance/

Like moments that smother/

Like haziness that follows teary eyes/

Moans of pleasure n anguished cries/

Like looking through a frosted glass/

Like being stuck in a hundred year ol dense thick cobweb you everyday cast/

Is what remembering you and your memories is like

conversation with a butterfly

A butterfly looked at me and laughed/

Insulted I barked/

Do you wish to be squashed/

The butterfly replied/

How do you intend to catch me/

With your clipped wings/

I will crush you and rip apart those things/

I said lets see you try and fly then/

Aah a monster pretending to be a writer with a pen/

Mocked the fragile looking creature/

Dead or alive/

Wing or no wings/

I would still be colourful, created to fly a beautiful butterfly/

While you with your burned out pen and rusty imagination can only still try/

not here anymore

it hurts and hurts and hurts

and you smile because you know

it can't hurt anymore.

It burns and burns and burns,

but it’s alright because you know it can't burn anymore.

it nudges and pushes and pinches

and pricks and shoves and stamps

and brands and throws and hammers

and gags and stabs and breaks

and you smile because you know it can't get to your heart any more

it slashes and slashes and slashes and u smile.

it crashes and bashes and sticks

and chokes and sneers and smirks

and jokes and pokes

and you just stand and smile

because your heart doesn't beat or feel any more

it searches and searches and searches

and you say don't search within me

my heart isn't here any more

it asks and coaxes and tortures

and pleads and promises

and you smile and say don't ask me ask her

she has it

my heart isn't with me any more