Monday, May 16, 2011

Mis.Justice (Work In Progress)


bared fangs with acid tips

stare into the abyss you call eyes

reminding you of what you buried deep

unforgiving...i am vermin, it screams

agitated, moving with a ferocious gait

a bundle of nerves thumping blood

like the mad crescendo of a tribal drum

relishing the look of your sickening grief

it smells fear doused in your sweat

it's inviting, it says, with a sadist's grin

oh the look! sends down a numbing chill

the sound of smacking lips

the nauseating smell of rotten flesh

and the traces of dried blood

limb by limb i shall tear you apart

and rip you open

taunting. take a look inside

and see how shallow you seem

one final look at those bared fangs with acid tips

tell you that the deed is done

and it shall now return


you're buried next to your biggest dread