Wednesday, December 12, 2012

have you seen death singin'?

out of a whorl, into a rainbow

a little something inside
starts to whorl 
every time
that little girl 
facing the sea
stops smiling

i stand at a distance
and watch her
it could be me
or the sea
either one
or both
shrink a little

and then i look
at the back of her hand
with which she 
wipes the smile off her face
and whisks the tears away 
from her cheeks

and i am filled 
with this inquiry
so magnanimous
magnanimous enough
even for the sea

that tiny little part of her
the back of her hand
holds so much
her smile and her tears

and i stand at a distance
and watch her
and this non-believer
of everything divine
or anything great 
and lordly
or heavenly
cannot help but feel weak
and i summon my most effective words
and conjure the most 
magnificent images
to the best of my ability
these words and images
my efficacious replacements
for a believer's prayers
i whisper a wish
a wish which i wish
is roaringly loud
and heard
heard by the
the one true entity
that can claim superiority
the balance of the nature
which pampers
and spiflicates
all things
while still cuddling them
in her lap
and maintains the randomness
of this universe
sometimes a gift
sometimes a curse

this is my wish
and you cannot but manifest it
this little girl
facing the sea
do you see her
like i see her
and do you see the 
back of her hand
the domicile 
an uneasy unified and a harmonious one
of her tears and her smile

see it
i demand
with a clear eye
under a clear sky
in witness of the clear waters
make a rainbow for her
make a rainbow for her
every time her smiles and tears
and mate
at the back of her hand
this isn't asking much
she deserves
this much
and this is how rainbows 
usually work
don't they
a single white light
pierces a single drop
like a lover does
meet his lover
and becomes a part of her
and then splits her
into different colourful shades of her
a colourful band
which was hidden 
somewhere deep inside her
you have the light
her smile
you have that drop
her tears
make a rainbow for her
i demand you must

and till this wish is heard
i pledge before myself
and her
in spite of the fact
that invisible is how she sees me
that i shall stand
watch her
never leave 

i shall watch
till the sea shrinks to the size of her tear
and i shrink to
but i shall not move
before that
and i won't be able to 
after i see the rainbow
made for her

till that happens
she is
i am
the sea is
and the back of her hand