Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Myths around a Myth

trying to love you/
every time you say/
you don't need me to/

trying to love you/
every time you turn away/
from me/

people pass by/
they stare intently/

trying to understand/
what i am trying to do/
they shrug and say/
if this is what it takes/

then this is what it takes/

to rise again/
he must descend/
though it may seem/
like insanity/

i turn around/
momentarily disgusted/
momentarily distracted/
at their absurdity/

and then i get back to/
trying to love you/
every time you turn away/
from me/

those passing by/
turn around shrug and whisper/
Sisyphus is happy/

Sunday, February 26, 2012

inking monsoon

These are winter days,
with cold places,
and colder deserted ways.

But the season of the sun,
shall soon show,
decorating the dark corners,
with a golden halo.

But i await the summer,
only because after it,
the rains shall follow.

And when the sky opens up,
i hope it pours,
i hope it pours like never before.

For that is when, i know,
you sit by your window,
and look at the world outside,
and summon the one living inside.

and i hope,
that you dip,
yourself to the brim,
and soak up every drop of rain,
and make it your ink,
and pen down every word,
you have held within.

I shall wait,
for those monsoon days,
which quench,
as well as stoke your desires.

I shall wait,
for those monsoon days,
when to write,
is all you need.

I shall wait,
for those monsoon days,
which make me,
want to read.

If only,
you would,
let me read.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

the book reading

your scars/
my book/
the one i read/
lying on my bed/
besides my night lamp/

the one that i shall never rush/
the one that i shall never close/
the one that i shall never put down/
upon my nightstand/

the one that i shall never/
turn my back upon/
and go to sleep/

your scars/
my book/
the one that i promise to read/
day and night/
from start to finish/
and then start all over again/

your scars/
my book/
the one that i promise to read/
and not a single blank space/
and not a single pause/
will i miss/

your scars/
my book/
i read/
and i read/
and i read/

never forget to remember

i shall try and never forget/
the difference between/
the moment and me/

i shall try and always remember/

that when you got/
dreamy eyed and smiled/
that one time/
you were into the moment/
and not so much into me/

so that i can dispel/
the delusion/
that the sway in your movement/
the second time and the one after that/
and the one after that/
was due to the magic of the moment/
and not so much due to my presence/

i shall try and realize this/
for all future references/
so that i never mistake/
the moment with me/

so that i can see/
as you can see/
always only the moment/
and never just me/

so that i can be/
as you can be/
always into the moment/
and not so much into me/

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

words, write or wrong.

i have learnt my lesson/
i have, before, spoken too much/
and said too little/

i have learnt my lesson/
i have, before, said too much/
and meant so little/

i have learnt my lesson/

all the things i mean to say/
i write them down in a letter/
and tear it down/

if i still feel the need/
to put together/
those torn down words/
i write another/

if not, i look at the torn letter/
and say/
never again. never/

i have learnt my lesson/

this is an honest away/
the only way/
to know for sure/

that every word/
i commit to by proclaiming/
i mean/

and every word/
that i would never utter/
to them/
i was equally committed too/

Monday, February 13, 2012


you feel like christmas
and the colourful lights
wrapped around the evergreen tree

you feel like christmas
and the gentle flakes of snow
falling drifting from the sky

you feel like christmas
and the comforting fireplace
home to the ambers as they glow

you feel like christmas
and like the joy and happiness
the laughter and the warmth

you are christmas

for me you are

the one that i celebrate everday

you are christmas

the one that makes me want to
celebrate being me everyday


letting go

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You and I will always be enough /

Always remember how we can still make /

Rest of the world /

Dissolve into oblivion /

Around us /


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

eons captured by sand

i wrote something down
on the sands
of these golden shores

they laughed at me
when they saw me do this
they said it wouldn't stay

things written on sand
die an early death
like most promises

i paid no heed
i wrote what i had to
once finished
i stood aside
and smiled

they laughed harder

i don't blame them
they did not know
what i knew

i sat down
next to my words
and waited for it

the biggest wave of them all
i waited for it

when even the birds
had returned home
i stayed

it finally came
at sunset
prince like
wearing a white shape-shifting crown
on its head

i stepped aside
it read them
consumed them
gathered them
with two hands

they were gone
without a trace
taken by a force
with no face

i slept satisfied
at the very same spot

the following morrow
the ones that had laughed the loudest

and saw a clean slate

we told you they said
we told you they repeated

you were bound to lose
loose words like these

if you wanted them immortalized
you should have etched them
on the tips of the pyramids

that wouldn't have been right
not at all
i said

they would have blown away
from the tops
of the palaces of the resting Pharaohs

don't you see
i did give them eternity

for they came to me
while watching the sea
and their last wish was
within it to be

'take me into thy womb
for on these foreign shores
i feel forsaken'
the words had spelt

by being washed away
by being swept away
their last wish
their only wish

had, indeed, been met


life, as we know it,
lies on two sides of the bridge,
the easy choice, would be,
to stand in between,

but that doesn't really help,
does it?
you know it doesn't.

if you intend to live life,
you have got to choose,
a side that you truly,
believe in.

standing in between,
leaves you, just there,
standing in between.

as life, for only you,
on either side,
stands still.

and life, for only you,
flows away beneath,
in a stream of blue.

walk over,
cross over,
to your side of the life.

jump into,
dive into,
the depths of your life.

that are yours,
to be taken,
to be lived,
to be laughed,
to be magnified.

try living,
the life you chose.
that way,
atleast you tried.

or live a life,
neither here,
nor there,
in between.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

state of affairs

hey you

you armchair activist
with spindly legs
and rubber fists

i see you frown
with dissatisfaction
at the state of affairs

but all i see you doing
is getting red-eyed
from your smart phone's glare

you thumb away
at the keypad
arming your words

with hastags
and ending your sentences
with weak multiple

exclamation marks
question marks
quotes and unquotes

falling back

on irrelevant references
on misinterpreted
historical contexts

while you sit back
and scratch your scrotum
under the pretext

of feigned concern and worry
that the world is nearing doom
in a hurry

change the world
as your message to the world
you type

a thousand comments and likes
fueling the false hype
you, a peacock with the air of a raccoon

something needs to be done
something needs to be done
something needs to be done

or else

all is lost
you grind your teeth
and form a community

of followers
who bring in, add, attract
even more followers

happy, satisfied, you are
witnessing your tribe swell
as sitting on your lazyboy

you yell

Mom can you please
get me some more coffee
and some ginger bread

and oh

could you please
take the dog out for walk
and yes the cat needs to be fed too

hey you