Friday, May 16, 2014

a very gradual fade

veins carrying coal
to your heart
arteries carrying saline
from mine

standing at the edge of a cloud
no wings to fly
no will to try

we've bled out
oceans through our eyes
we've answered every question
with a why


my chest
an open sky
on a summer night

the sweat beads
on my upper lip
the fissures
in your eyes

one reflecting light
the other letting it pass through

the rainbow between
the cusp of our palms
an upside down slide
colors dripping away
how our rainbow has
turned white

words turning
in to floating burned flakes of
in our mouths

we look at each other
two people

two people
who look like
sand clocks

slipping away

trying to fill up
the craters
on the face
of the moon

not any time soon

not any time soon