Friday, April 20, 2012

cobble-stoned altar

the rain makes me forget
to put my shoes on
and i walk for miles
without realizing

you make me forget
about the rain
as i stand
in front of your window
for hours

and then a glimpse of you
magically reminds me
of my bare feet
against the wet cobblestone

rain drops falling on me
soaking me
soaking my hair
drops dripping from my hair
onto my face
some of which i taste

the cool breeze
which makes me shiver
a bit

i rub my hands together
try and warm them with my breath
and tuck them in the backpocket of my jeans

all this while
i never take my eyes off your window
trying insanely praying profusely that
the fleeting moment
when i see you
gets married to forever

and it does
it really does

i know then
why i had to walk
all those miles
for all those hours
and end up here
nowhere else but here

standing in front of your window
on that sidewalk
more like an aisle
with me at the altar
waiting for my life

a heightened sense of feeling
a lighter sense of being

look at me
look at me just once
i murmer as i shiver
i need to tell you this
i need you to know this

that i had to come home
i just had to get home
how then
could i have waited
to even put my shoes on