Tuesday, July 17, 2012

won't we?

we shall break
the gloomy greys
of concrete
and bricks
and mortar

we shall tear away the
dark curtains
so that
lying on our
on a soothing summer night
we can gaze at the stars

what you have
we shall redo
and build again
than before

we shall give
the beach back its

and the butterflies
their flowers

and the exotic
hornbill shall
be payed its dues

and the polar bear
shall be taken back
to their homes and out
of the circus zoos

we shall
pull the plugs off
these misleading
marquees and
big city lights

and replace them
with those
silently tinkering bells of nature
those fireflies

we shall
the scent of the earth
and the quenching rain
and our blue skies

we shall break out of these
stifling cocoons
decorating these
morbid backgrounds

we shall defy this
manmade gravity

we shall be free

won't we?

facing one's fear