Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walking Vegetatives

Minds dazed

Eyes glazed

Memories erased

New ones fed through tubes

Lying in the corners of our brains

With no values, no use

Plastic. Silicon. White gold

Fast lives dictated by dark hearts

Walking the dead beat

What was once called a beautiful sun

Is now just heat

Cunning guile

Innocence lost, been a while

Deceptive smiles

Breaking out on the corner of our lips

Like rashes

Bodies smeared with bloodied ashes

Relief, comes now, only in distant flashes

Thought forgot

Sold and bought

Debating blindspot

Reason frozen in a tumorous knot

Opportunism running through the veins

Sensibilities dried up in a clot

Unengaged authoritative

Convenient objective

Provisionally prohibitive

Lying in the corners of a dark underground

An eager to please submissive

Walking vegetatives

Breathing through heavy machines

Injecting cocoon vaccines

By going to sleep is how

Now our day begins