Wednesday, October 10, 2012

dream eyes

a game
of truth and dare
her eyes

her eyes
looking at me
looking at her

i ask
do you see me
the way i see you

what do you see
who do you see
when you see me
she asks me
with her eyes

i see the corners
where you hide
when i look into 
your big bright eyes

daring me to keep looking
daring me to stare 
at the truth
and not blink

will you blink
will you flinch
will you take a step back
when you look into my eyes
and see an irrefutable me
looking back at you

would you?

i would not
i say

then say some more 
she says

what should i say
i ask

say anything
just talk to me
she replies

talk to me about
my eyes
but not with your
your lips 
or tongue

talk to me
with your eyes

tell me
what do you think of my eyes
do you,
like my eyes?

i get
as i see her
speak so clearly
ask so piercingly 
with just her eyes

i say

i like your eyes
i love your eyes
have i said enough
or do i say it
a million more times
i struggle to decide

her eyes
oh god, her eyes

describe them to me
my eyes
she nudges me

she asks me
to describe
as she puts her finger on my lips
but not with her finger
but with her eyes

don't move those lips
not tonight

draw it for me
with your eyes

i open
the window
and look at the velvety dark 
stark sky

she speaks
with just her eyes

a cliché?
are you going to
like many before
the similes 
and metaphors 
of the stars 
night sky
and my eyes?

no, my love
i say

as i learn 
a new art 
of whispering
with just my eyes

i am looking
at the eternal
i was a believer
and that i believed
in gods
for if i did
for if i could

i would ask
for some help
an intervention, divine
that would bestow
upon me unspoken
help me
hold my hands
in describing
drawing your eyes

i sigh

and look at her

i can't
i don't have the words
i don't have the expressions
i don't have the depth
to secernate
your eyes
as they rightfully deserve

i say this
and look away from her

only momentarily though

i can't 
not look into her eyes
for too long

and then i see
it in black and white
just as vividly
spelled in her eyes
the black so black
the white so white

i have hope

i think i know
i know i see
i see what i wanted
to say
in your eyes
in black and white
separating the
uncertain greys of the world

your eyes
one place
not ambiguous

here fear is fear
and joy is joy
and a question is a question
making no attempt to hide
and pride is pride
and sadness is sadness
and hope is hope
and hate is hate
and love is love
and yesterday is gone
and today is now
and eagerness for tomorrow
a certainty 
without a shadow of doubt

have i said enough
about your eyes
i ask
i had done well

it is a good start
she hints
and smiles
with her eyes
and floats away

i open my eyes
a dream
a dream
the same dream

the dream of her eyes

i lay there
in beads of desperation

her eyes
oh god her eyes
and how they make me yearn

i say

and close mine
as they burn