Tuesday, November 15, 2011


somewhere at the end of this world
there is a shore
I stand at the edge of it
this is where my destiny will unfurl
like the sail of a ship

memories from the past emerge and vanish
like illusive dolphins
I take a step forward
with a hope to get closer
If only I could touch them swim with them
dive to the depths with them
if only I could surround myself with a silence
that numbs the ache
perhaps then from the clatter of the present
and a lurching tomorrow I could escape

I stand and stare and the waters stare back
with a golden glare
right there on the edge I lie down
the icy cold waters and the shivering sands meet
I can feel their building passion underneath

a different me gets up and looks at me
smiles at me takes off the shirt and walks into the waters
ankle deep knee deep waist deep chest deep and then fully submerged
this me breathes more freely than ever

happy that to the rest of the world I have drowned
holding a dolphin's fin I go deeper
and look at all the mementos lying scattered on the sea floor
the ones that were lost and are now found

right then in the womb of the sea
one with waves as tall as ladders touching the sky
the raging sea within calms down and says goodbye