Monday, November 28, 2011

Upside down

I'm lying down/
On the ground/

Look what I've found/

As I look/
Up above/

I wonder how/
All these buildings/

These bean-stalk buildings/

Have turned into these things/

That make the vast blue canvas/

Up high/

Look a little less/
Like the endless sky/

And a little more/

Like pieces of a puzzle/

Looking down pleadingly/

At me/

For an answer/

To all their troubles/

And then I think/

Of a time/

When I used to look up/
At the sky/

And imagine/
If only I could fly/
I would be up there/

I could get away/
That's where I would stay/
Make myself a home on the clouds/

A home with puffy doors/
And breezy windows/
I would open them/
And stare at the sea/
Turned up-side down/
With no shores/
There my sore musings/
Would be made light/
They would take flight/
But now instead/
As I lie down/
On this asphalt bed/
I find myself/
Staring at the sky/
And it staring back/
In an eternal moment/
Stretched further/
Into a pregnant quiet/
Each waiting to hear/
From the other/

the labyrinthian inverted

the labyrinthian