Wednesday, October 31, 2012


i need to write
i need to write a poem
but it would only be anything 
completely meaningful
if i write it all over you

all over your bare skin

the meters and rhymes and rhythms and verses
when they end and where they begin
would take care of themselves 
as they bend around the curves and arches 
of your body
hugging your fluent breasts
turning towards your eloquent hips
falling at your feet
rising to your lips
around your back
wrapped tight

the mole on your neck
a punctuation mark
asking me to pause
take my time...

rapacious games

the dizziness 
that comes from being 
half asleep 
and fully awake

the rasp
that comes with early early mornings
by the soft creaking of the bed

the indents 
on the mattress 
and the pillow
growing deeper
like they have a secret love affair 
of their own 
going on

so completely unaware 
of the two people on them

to make and find and explore 
their secrets 
in each other

but never enough
thank god it is never enough