Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beneath Us

late into the night/
creep out the bastard children/
falling out of the crevices of this city/
like a million others/
many amongst them almost went under the knife/
the ones that survived look up/
with a hope to see the starlit sky/
as a compensation for the annexed daylight/
and all they get to see is us/
moving around in our staged pompous fuss/
we never had the courage to look at them/
looking at me and you/
we feared if we ever did/
they would spit on our faces and tell us/
the only thing left with a soul are your shoes/


The despair of a muscle pumping with ragged beats

Against the chest it thumps raving to get out

Suffocated confused deluged with delusion

One moment tenderness the other fire it spits

Give me away no don’t give me away

It rants its feverish chants

Rest of the body held hostage by the string

Left of center the center of the circus’s ring

A meditating soothsayer

Behaving like a lunatic master puppeteer

Unleashing the stampede of a million wildebeests

With a new found taste for gambling

Setting rational madness and irrational beliefs scrambling

Trading an ounce for an ounce

Greedy only to give away be ripped out and find peace

At the moment of its seven pounds