Tuesday, January 10, 2012


this game of seduction
and surrender begins
every night

the calmer the night gets
the more agitated I become

she slips into her lacy serenity
and form-hugging dopiness

she glides into the black velvety bed
plays with her hair
twirls those wayward strands

taunting me
her opium eyes, those half-fallen eyelids
open me up to subjugation

she gestures me towards her
makes me crawl to the foot of her bed
and makes me stay on my four

i stay
i stay awake


she laughs
she turns and sleeps

letting me watch
the curve of her hips
the contours of her breasts
i imagine
how they rise and fall

i try to get near her
she gets away farther
like the incense smoke
she stays on my clothing
and clings to my mind

all night long
i long

and just when I barely manage
to close my eyes
she lets her finger linger
on my nape
on my shoulder blade
on my back
tracing my spine

i turn with hunger
she disappears within a blink
and no longer

i beat the carpet
i search her bed
come to me
atleast once
i say
be mine for one night
my miragy sleep

why entice me then
with your starry vice
why give me hope
and then leave me awake

she calls my name
i search for her
she is there at my window
towards her I go
she shakes her head
warns me with a no

why entice me then
i ask again
with your starry vice
she points
towards the breaking dawn
and makes me hear
the cock crow thrice