Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Point to hai!

Cyril: This really irritates me yaar!

Over smart Cyril: What doesn't!?

Cyril: :P x-(

Over smart Cyril: Accha chal bata de yaar, kis baat pe upset hai?

Cyril: I don't understand people yaar!

Over smart Cyril: Why even try!!! B-)

Cyril: :P x-(

Over smart Cyril: Chal Chal theek hai sorry. Bata. Beech mai nai bolunga!

Cyril: Apne office ka darwaza dekha haina?

Over smart Cyril: Haan! kyu?

Cyril: Woh kharab hogaya hai?

Over smart Cyril: Haan! To?

Cyril: The thing is it only opens on one side. Meaning if you have to go out, you have to push the door and when you want to come in you have to pull it.

Over smart Cyril: Haan theek hai. Lekin isse tu kyu upset hai?! I'm sure the door is dealing with this just fine!

Cyril: :P x-(

Over smart Cyril: Sorry Sorry. So tell me, isme problem kya hai terko?

Cyril: Arey yaar, darwaze pe saaf itna bada kagaz chipkaya hua hai, with PUSH written on the inside and PULL written on the outside! And what's more! it's pasted right above the knob of the door! Even then, people going out, PULL the door in, when its clearly written PUSH and while coming in, they PUSH, when its clearly written PULL...Aisa karne se darwaaza itna awaz karta hai, kyoki uske hinges bhi kharab ho chuke hai! yeh darwaze ki "choooo" "choooo" wali awaz se mera sara concentration tut jata hai. Every other minute someone is going out or coming in and they always open the door the wrong way. The sound the door makes really irritates me! Its so annoying yaar! Why are people so stupid! Why do they have to PULL when it says PUSH and why do they have to PUSH when its written PULL!!! IDIOTIC PEOPLE!

Over smart Cyril: Hmm...dost! we are a country with the second largest population in the world and are showing great promise to be able to take the pole position!

Cyril: I know all that! How is this even related to what I have been saying!!! What's your point?

Over smart Cyril: Friend! my point is, apne desh mai PUSH aur PULL k concept ki clarity hoti to abadi itni nai hoti!