Monday, November 14, 2011


there is a dark thick veil of mist/
like moldy curtains in an abandoned mansion/
with cobwebs as dense as your thoughts/
clinging to the broken chandelier/
reminiscent of times forgone gothic/

from behind that veil emerges a beast/
one that epitomizes brobdingnag/
your first reaction is to shout as you shudder/
but that scream is lost in the hollow of your throat/
as if your voice has been solidified frozen/
and your skin burns with the fever of fright/
ready to turn molten/

the ugliness of his face shows as disgust on yours/
you take a step back and stumble across your own shadow/
looking for anything that would act as a barricade/
to put some distance between you and this one creature led vile cavalcade/
you think of god and divine intervention then/
this nefarious creature has made you a believer once again/
you maunder broken trembling monitions/
your weak warnings of stabbing the beast to death do little/
as he continues his march towards you/
your face twitches you raise the dagger and face the inevitable/

after a looped moment that feels like ages/
you no longer see the beast's manic rages/
stabbed in the back it lies slumped inches away from your feet/
its arm outstretched like a half uttered plea/
the drumming of the drums of dread in your ears cease/
but the distortion on your face stays/
right then you see the beast for what it is/
right then you know that something was misconstrued and now lays felled/
right then you know in the one standing the inner beast remains/