Thursday, January 26, 2012

how it goes away

you were/
home to me/
i was home/
with you/

you moved/
into a house/

i am homeless now/

living upside down/
sitting in a corner/
existing underground/

people pass me by/
sometimes they walk/
around me/
sometimes through me/

ragged torn n soiled/
is the blanket/
the only thing/
i managed to salvage/

it isn't much/
but it is still something/
sometimes it is everything/
when i think/

that it is the only thing/
that had the heart/
to be salvaged/

on certain days/
it gets back it magical powers/
and turns into a flying carpet/
and takes me home/

on some days/
it stays a blanket/
like it was in its former days/
and i cover myself from head to toe/
and close my eyes/

i close my eyes/
and say these words/
like a moment punctuated/
by the present/

you are
home to me/
i am home/
with you/