Thursday, February 2, 2012

state of affairs

hey you

you armchair activist
with spindly legs
and rubber fists

i see you frown
with dissatisfaction
at the state of affairs

but all i see you doing
is getting red-eyed
from your smart phone's glare

you thumb away
at the keypad
arming your words

with hastags
and ending your sentences
with weak multiple

exclamation marks
question marks
quotes and unquotes

falling back

on irrelevant references
on misinterpreted
historical contexts

while you sit back
and scratch your scrotum
under the pretext

of feigned concern and worry
that the world is nearing doom
in a hurry

change the world
as your message to the world
you type

a thousand comments and likes
fueling the false hype
you, a peacock with the air of a raccoon

something needs to be done
something needs to be done
something needs to be done

or else

all is lost
you grind your teeth
and form a community

of followers
who bring in, add, attract
even more followers

happy, satisfied, you are
witnessing your tribe swell
as sitting on your lazyboy

you yell

Mom can you please
get me some more coffee
and some ginger bread

and oh

could you please
take the dog out for walk
and yes the cat needs to be fed too

hey you