Tuesday, October 14, 2014

a tree. the wilderness and an infinite infinity.

when we get tired
wondering about
wandering in
this infinite space

i will find us a tree
a tree by the lake

willingly offering
some shade

we'll stand underneath it
for a bit


like two content fools

we'll stand for a bit
and let the leaves fall

leaves that gave 

into the gentle
tempting caresses of

the breeze
a breeze with the heart of a wind
a wind with the legs of a windstorm
causing flutters
and sensations
in us
ground up
starting from the sole
of our feet
weakening our knees
tracing the tremble
on our thighs
sucked in
sucked in by our hungry
abdominal cavities
stoking the fire in our
quicksilver bellies
warming our breaths
clasping our chests

measuring our gasps
disrobing our sights
untying us
from our forbidden selves

over us
all over us
like confetti

we'll stand
for a bit
underneath that tree

and then
we shall

for a bit

and then

we feel like it again

wondering about
we'll start
wandering in
the wilderness
of this
infinite space

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